Techorizon, ClinChoice’s Technology Arm for Clinical Development & Post-Marketing Projects

ClinChoice’s technology division, Techorizon, is a global leader in delivering technology solutions for life sciences. We provide tailored solutions for sponsors, CROs, and academic organizations, from EDC services to enterprise IT solutions such as networking consultancy and data center provision. As ClinChoice maintains a steadfast commitment to advancing technology in clinical research, Techorizon stands at the forefront, ensuring clients derive maximum value from cutting-edge innovation and customized services.




FeRMI, the pioneering 100% e-solution for clinical trial feasibility, streamlines the process by electronically handling and tracking all aspects. Adopting electronic data collection from research sites ensures immediate 24/7 online access via a secure web connection on any device. The system features a robust real-time data analysis and reporting module, allowing simultaneous trend analysis and scope shaping during active data collection. Following data collection, the analysis module evaluates recruitment projections and timelines and aids in optimal country and site selection.


THeLearning is an advanced platform for training project teams, investigators, and site staff in clinical projects. It provides personalized training materials and documentation for everyone involved. All platform activities are recorded, and training is certified through secure electronic signatures. THeLearning also manages training and certification programs based on regional regulations.

Customer Portal

ClinChoice prioritizes effective communication, collaboration, and transparency. The Customer Portal offers a secure, accessible shared workspace for clients and project teams. It includes features for document collection, sharing, study reporting, group email, and event calendars.


THeCRF, our Electronic Data Capture (EDC) tool, efficiently acquires study data from Investigator sites through a secure web-based application, informed by the experience of project managers, investigators, and monitors. It provides an easy-to-navigate, intuitive environment to enhance site engagement and data entry adherence. THeCRF seamlessly integrates with applications like IWRS and central laboratories and features endpoint adjudication and customizable reporting. Add-on modules include the following:

  • SAE Management
  • Images & DICOM (Digital Imaging & Communications in Medicine) Management
  • Multi-Access Module (MAM) for Independent External Adjudication Assessor Management


Electronic diaries effectively gather patient data outside the hospital, fostering increased patient engagement in trials. Our proprietary diary electronically records patient data and automates entries on mobile devices, tablets, or computers. The investigator can monitor diaries directly from THeCRF, receiving alerts for critical health issues indicated by patient entries. THeDiary can offer a bring-your-own-device configuration, significantly reducing data collection costs and patient time commitment.

Data Science & Technology (DST): Patient Profiles & Risk-Based Monitoring

ClinChoice has developed a proprietary data visualization product that allows clients to view custom graphic representations of real-time data. Our talented data scientists work closely with our clients to tailor the tool to their needs. Our tool enables clients to identify patterns and take quick, decisive action. Together, we can improve efficiency and accuracy by staying ahead of unforeseen hurdles in study data. 

Our DST team integrates the dashboard with other technology that houses study data. From the dashboard, users can easily navigate and drill down on an individual patient profile, understand data collected from various sources, and identify trends and outliers. Our tool allows for automated analysis and reporting in the form of graphs and charts, which can be extremely useful for signal detection, such as revealing previously unnoticed key points, and decision-making.  

We also offer a range of DST consulting services, such as data warehousing and big data, data integration and transformation, AI/OpenAI/ChatGPT adoption, and more. 

Strategic Partnerships

ClinChoice collaborates with a diverse range of technology solution providers, platforms, and organizations to deliver cutting-edge services tailored to meet the requirements of every study, trial, or research project. With expertise in data management, regulatory compliance, pharmacovigilance, and scientific and statistical computing, our team can optimize your workflow and ultimately enhance the quality of results.