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About ClinChoice

ClinChoice is a leading full-service clinical CRO offering high-quality solutions to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and consumer products clients. We contribute to a safer and better world by helping our sponsor clients accelerate drug and device approvals to market. We do this by combining our 25 years of proven quality and results with expertise in 30+ therapeutic areas, a flexible approach, and dedicated teams who enable rapid startups and fast timelines.

Our commitment to the highest quality standards, flexibility, and timeline fulfillment has earned us and our clients consistent results. We provide services for the full development lifecycle to a wide range of clients, large and small, including six of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies, as well as small to midsize biotechnology companies. For us, our record of quality means consistency, accuracy and reliability. For you, it means a reliable partner and quality results.

Our Mission

To contribute to a healthier and safer world by accelerating the development and commercialization of innovative drugs and devices.

Markets We Serve



Medical Device

Consumer Healthcare


Why ClinChoice?

ClinChoice offers a unique combination of high-quality solutions, flexibility, customization, and customer service that is rarely seen in the CRO industry. Over our 25 year history, we have developed robust SOPs designed to ensure high-quality service deliverables to each of our clients. Our quality-first approach, combined with our incredible team of industry experts allows us to offer a CRO/sponsor relationship that is unparalleled.

  • Proven Record of Quality & Results
  • Expertise in 30+ Therapeutic Areas
  • Flexible Approach & Agile Solutions
  • Rapid Project Startup & Timelines
  • Dedicated Team from Start to Finish

Meet Our Leadership Team
  • Proven Record of Quality & Results
  • Expertise in 30+ Therapeutic Areas
  • Flexible Approach & Agile Solutions
  • Rapid Project Startup & Timelines
  • Dedicated Team from Start to Finish

What You Can Expect From Us

Flexible approach for a superior ease of doing business

ClinChoice is known in the industry for our flexible approach and ease of doing business that has resulted in decade-long client relationships. Whether for an enterprise-wide global program or single-site study, our clients know they will be provided customized solutions and not a rigid one-size-fits-all model.

Our approach is tailored to you and your program: Need to ramp up or down? No problem. Have a last-minute request or change to your trial plan? We’re flexible. In an industry as fast-moving as ours, we built our business, solutions, and technology to be agile, with your needs at the center.

Global methodology for rapid startup and fast timelines

ClinChoice accelerates drug and medical device approvals to market by deploying a unique global methodology that enables us to rapidly start projects and fulfill fast timelines. We provide localized CRO services through a global network that assists in trials and post-approval activity across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and North Africa.

This methodology equips us with the resources and delivery centers necessary to quickly coordinate and deploy teams who have the capacity to consistently work on your project. It’s the way we meet aggressive timelines without compromising quality.

Talented team dedicated to your success from start to finish

ClinChoice is a global company with more than 1,800 dedicated professionals committed to your success. Experienced and with outstanding academic credentials, our team is the one you want working on your study, no matter how large or small.

In our industry where turnover is high, we’re proud to have built a company and culture where our people advance, thrive, and stay. Our low turnover rates translate into a more experienced team, consistent quality, and dedicated project management that will support the details and big picture of your study from start to finish.