We’re on a mission to contribute to a healthier and safer world by accelerating the development and commercialization of innovative drugs and devices.

An Enduring Legacy of Innovation & Collaboration

ClinChoice is dedicated to advancing innovative therapies for a lasting impact on global healthcare. Our commitment is defined by a unique blend of exemplary service, flexibility, tailored solutions, and active leadership engagement, cultivating an unparalleled CRO-client relationship throughout the entire development lifecycle of products.

The cornerstone of ClinChoice’s success lies in our leadership team’s hands-on approach and extensive expertise spanning the entirety of a product’s lifecycle. Our optimal organizational size and structure mitigate financial and delivery risks while ensuring proactive leadership engagement in every account, fostering enduring partnerships that surpass the conventional CRO experience. We pride ourselves in nurturing existing partnerships that are as old as our company.

We maintain leading quality standards through a client-focused approach that consistently provides a dependable partnership, reliable outcomes, and delivers effectively and efficiently on project timelines. With a robust global presence including the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, we stand ready to be your trusted partner on the path to a healthier world, improving the quality of life and positively impacting more lives than ever before.

Why ClinChoice?

Behind our full suite of services is a team steeped in experience, expertise, and senior leadership engagement. ClinChoice guides development with agility and reliability, ensuring full compliance, gathering critical insights, and upholding the highest standards of delivery from pre- through post-approval. This commitment culminates in a partnership that drives meaningful positive change for patients and consumers.

Technology & Innovation

ClinChoice is dedicated to advancing technological innovation to streamline workflows, improve decision-making, and accelerate the clinical development of products within the life science industry. Techorizon, our technology division, provides custom eClinical solutions ranging from EDC services to enterprise IT, ensuring our clients derive maximum value from innovation. ClinChoice has also developed a data visualization product that allows our clients to view customized, graphic representations of their data in real-time.  Our Data Science and Technology team also provides a wide range of consulting services in the data science field.

Our Passionate Industry Leaders

Our Executive Team and senior leaders are industry veterans and key opinion leaders in the functions they lead. The leadership team is actively engaged and committed to maintaining adaptability while guaranteeing optimal results. Our dedicated team is readily accessible, providing timely support whenever needed. We pride ourselves on assembling, developing, and retaining an exceptional team that excels across diverse areas and geographies. Our commitment to excellence is evident through our internal learning platform, dedicated training unit, and sponsorship of industry qualifications, ensuring our professionals stay at the forefront of the field. With a leadership team actively engaged in all service offerings, providing optimal oversight, adaptability, and results, our dedicated and accessible team stands as the best choice for clients seeking unparalleled support and success.

Our Global Reach

We pride ourselves on a robust international presence, enabling us to serve a diverse client landscape across critical markets, including the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific. Our highly engaged team of thousands of life sciences experts work collaboratively in diverse corners of the world to achieve the goals of our clients.

A Dedication to ESG

At ClinChoice, our commitment to Sustainability, Equity, Governance, Diversity, and Inclusion (SEG/DEI) is central to our business philosophy. This holistic approach to business drives innovative services and reflects our responsibility toward stakeholders and the global health community.

Let’s Build a Healthier
& Safer World, Together

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