Real-World Evidence

ClinChoice specializes in monitoring and analyzing real-world evidence (RWE) to enhance product effectiveness. Our expertise in systematically collecting and analyzing real-world data supports informed decision-making throughout the lifecycle of products.

Toxicology Assessments

ClinChoice’s team includes toxicologists certified with DABT and ERT, possessing expertise in scientific assessments and supporting various business initiatives, including large-scale reformulation programs for multiple products.


From study design to safety surveillance, ClinChoice provides advanced biometrics solutions to uphold high-quality standards for trial data. Our specialized solutions simplify complexities and expedite time-to-market for your products.

Medical Affairs

ClinChoice provides innovative and integrated medical affairs solutions to ensure the development of a cohesive medical brand, delivery of accurate scientific information, and the creation of publication plans for patient safety and market success.


Ensuring the safety of patients and the public necessitates continuous vigilance. Regulatory compliance mandates ongoing monitoring, underscoring the importance of maintaining accountability for product safety and responding promptly to any concerns.

Regulatory Affairs

A solid regulatory affairs team is crucial for addressing safety concerns, communicating with regulatory agencies, and ensuring overall product integrity. Our diverse competencies play a vital role in providing strategic counsel on opportunities arising from new and revised regulations.

Medical Writing

ClinChoice supports the creation of thorough post-marketing documents, adhering to rigorous regulatory standards. Our delivery includes accurate documentation and reporting, utilized for sharing trial results, educating stakeholders, and maintaining company integrity and reputation.

Technical Writing

ClinChoice’s experienced team excels in leading complex dossiers and technical file development using the latest regulatory intelligence and industry-leading best practices.

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