Pharma and Biotech

Changes in the regulatory landscape have led to more stringent analysis of the toxicity of ingredients and finished products. ClinChoice has the know-how to author comprehensive reports and dossier sections that meet the guidelines and requirements set by health authorities.

Our services include:

  • PDE-OEL assessment: Derivation of Permitted Daily Exposure (PDE)/Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL)
  • Risk assessment of leachables from container closure system
  • CTD writing: Preparation of Sections 2.4 and 2.6 as per ICH guidelines for safety– M4S R2
  • Impurity qualification as per ICH requirements (ICH Q3 A to D and ICH M7)
  • Risk Management Plan (RMP) and CCDS: drafting of non-clinical sections.
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Other tasks: query-specific literature searches, ad-hoc product safety issues, and F-value derivation

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