Pharma & Biotech

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies need to meet their commercialization targets while ensuring that input from patient advocacy groups and healthcare professionals is incorporated for product improvement and market access. ClinChoice offers the right blend of medical and scientific expertise to communicate the best use of therapies for patients and contribute to continuous product enhancement through real-world evidence, health economics and outcomes research, and analysis of data from closed and ongoing studies.

Scientific Information Communication

ClinChoice supports drug manufacturers in creating content for different assets that are disseminated through various channels. Our teams use their experience to design search strategies to identify information for developing and maintaining scientific assets that align with the client’s quality standards.

  • Literature searches and reviews on medical and scientific topics, studies
  • Response to queries from R&D, HCPs, and consumers
  • Medical Information and medical and clinical support to Call Centers
  • Product information pamphlets, brochures, and other communications audio-visual communications

Product Claims Support

Our expert global medical affairs team can help obtain approvals expeditiously by analyzing claims that are based on data from different sources and providing justifications that contribute to label management. We have proven experience in supporting market expansion by combining our skills from multiple disciplines to finalize claims for new products.

  • Claims medical support development and substantiation
  • Copy reviews
  • Review of marketing work and advertisements
  • Maintenance and development of claims databases
  • Partnership and collaboration with marketing on leveraging products
  • Supplements claims support

Scientific & Clinical Research Support

Our medical affairs experts have wide-ranging experience that contributes to the development and maintenance of critical reports that play a vital role in the constant improvement of products for patients. ClinChoice leverages its varied therapeutic and product knowledge to ensure that our clients are ready to deploy their go-to-market strategies with ease.

  • Scientific and clinical research and clinical trial protocol development and writing
  • Clinical research and trial analysis and reports
  • Medical and clinical support to R&D work and processes
  • Publications and manuscript development, writing, and review
  • Post-marketing research development and support

Clinical & Product Safety Support

ClinChoice can contribute to developing the safety profiles of drugs by analyzing data and authoring reports for insight generation that impacts the creation and update of safety documents. Our teams are experienced in collating relevant information, examining safety data, and structuring it to comply with health authority requirements and client objectives.

  • Toxicological analysis
  • Medical and clinical support for regulatory documents and requirements
  • Medical and clinical information/data support for safety events
  • Company Core Data Sheet
  • CSI, RSI, clinical overviews, and CERs
  • PSUR/ACO support – clinical data lead
  • Epidemiology support and bias assessment of clinical studies

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