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Case Processing

Proven Scientific and Medical Expertise in Over 20 Therapeutic Areas Across Drug Lifecycles

ClinChoice reduces patient risk by leveraging our blend of product knowledge and industry best practices to meet the most stringent requirements for adverse event reporting and management.

We provide exceptional prowess at each stage of case processing:

  • Intake
  • Triage
  • Data Entry
  • Quality Review
  • Medical Review
  • Submissions

The modular design of our offerings allows the selection of individual services or an end-to-end solution for adverse event reporting and management in the early clinical trial phases to post-marketing surveillance.

Our specialists have proficiency in Argus, ARISg/LifeSphere Safety, and other safety databases.

We enhance our ICSR management capabilities by providing the following services:

  • Medical information call center (MICC) management
  • Safety literature searches for identification of ICSRs
  • Automated tracking of open and missing cases
  • Monitoring of expedited reporting and reporting of submission status
  • Submission of serious adverse event reports to health authorities
  • Quality assurance
  • E2B case reporting & archiving