Consumer Health

Clinical trials to develop consumer health products typically require a different approach to trials involving drugs or medical devices. As a leader in providing services to clients with Consumer Health products, ClinChoice understands these nuances and delivers faster, more efficient study start-ups.

Regulatory Expertise

Our global team consists of local staff with a deep understanding of regional regulatory requirements that apply to trials involving Consumer Health products. We’re constantly monitoring the relevant landscape and tracking changes in legislation, guidelines, and regulations. Our insights ensure we develop an effective regulatory strategy, minimizing start-up cycle times.

Comprehensive Start-Up Services

Based on rich clinical research experience and expertise in Consumer Health products, our study start-up experts excel in personalized project management and site start-up organization. From project onset, we support sponsors with professional interpretation of regulations and site processes, helping to lead studies and save time in recruitment.

  • Comprehensive site set-up or decentralized trial activation
  • Ethics Committee (EC) submissions and approvals
  • Contract negotiations and signoffs
  • Essential documents collection

Scope of Start-Up Services

We specialize in developing and implementing strategies for consumer health trials aligned with protocols, contractual scopes, SOPs, and GCP requirements. Our commitment extends to risk management and strategic support for swift, high-quality start-up solutions.

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