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Clinical trials are mandatory for drug research and often involve larger sample sizes focused on specific patient populations with particular medical conditions or diseases. Inclusion and exclusion criteria are crucial to ensure homogeneity among participants. Country and site feasibility assessments, when conducted early in the planning phase, can directly impact drug trial success.

Feasibility Plus™

Feasibility Plus™ identifies geographic areas with a high prevalence of the targeted indication. Each site is tasked with identifying potential patients before the study starts, enhancing the likelihood of meeting targets and timelines. Feasibility Plus™ positions ClinChoice as a valued partner in pharmaceutical and biotech, often enlisted to rescue drug trials delayed by poor recruitment.

The FeRMI System

FeRMI is ClinChoice’s revolutionary feasibility solution, which pioneered the use of a 100% e-solution with real-time data analysis. FeRMI boasts a robust data analysis and reporting module that enables simultaneous trend monitoring and shapes feasibility as data is collected. By collecting data electronically, information becomes instantly accessible on any device with a secure web connection.

Our Site Selection Approach

Site selection is a critical element of a successful drug trial. We base site selection criteria on four guiding principles proven to guarantee complete enrollment according to predetermined timelines:

  • Predictability: The site should demonstrate a consistent track record of accurately forecasting patient enrollment, showcasing reliability in estimating the required numbers.
  • Enrollment: The site should exhibit a proven history of successfully enrolling the specified number of patients, demonstrating an ability to meet enrollment targets specific to drug trials.
  • Retention: A hallmark of professionalism and diligence at the site is essential to ensure optimal patient retention, emphasizing the importance of staff commitment and procedural adherence.
  • Data Quality: The site should possess extensive experience, qualified staff, and robust methodologies to guarantee the highest standards of data collection and management.

Proven Excellence

ClinChoice’s more than 28 years of experience in clinical trial conduct has enabled us to develop close links to a large number of high-quality, motivated investigational sites with high recruitment potential. We have a clear understanding of site capabilities on a global scale, ensuring site assignments possess the equipment and skills to perform non-standard clinical procedures.

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