Consumer Health

As experts in providing services to leading consumer health organizations, ClinChoice understands the need for tailored monitoring services in this field. We employ an appropriately scoped monitoring service to ensure the needs of the project are met without deploying our team for extensive on-site visits.

Risk-Based Approach to Monitoring

If the traditional investigator site model is employed for projects in consumer health, our CRAs represent the interface between project teams and investigators and fulfill a crucial role in supporting sites in attaining quality and enrollment expectations. Where appropriate, ClinChoice can activate entirely remote monitoring strategies or hybrid approaches in which limited investigator site visits are conducted. Where a fully decentralized approach to trial delivery is applied for Consumer Health projects, monitoring activities will focus on remote data review to maximize compliance and completeness of the data. With rich experience and a robust training program, as well as technology powered by Techorizon, a wholly owned subsidiary of ClinChoice, our consumer health clients trust ClinChoice to deliver the right clinical monitoring strategy for their projects.

Robust Training System

ClinChoice prioritizes training to equip every CRA with additional regulatory knowledge and technical prowess. All individuals undertake a personalized training program to ensure they’re well-prepared to provide high-quality services that consistently earn trust and recognition from our partners. This means you can always rely on the quality of the ClinChoice CRAs assigned to your trial.

Flexible Delivery Models

Our CRAs are home-based and strategically located to enhance local language and cultural comprehension while also minimizing travel and inefficiencies. We’ll leverage a delivery model that suits your operational needs, ensuring quality in the clinical development of consumer health products. In addition to our full-service offering, we provide CRA teams on a per-project or Functional Service Provider (FSP) basis.

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