Pharma & Biotech

We provide statistical expertise to ensure the reliability and validity of research findings and facilitate evidence-based decision-making to advance the development and commercialization of innovative therapies.

Our Approach

Drawing on our extensive experience, we excel in identifying the most efficient and cost-effective approaches to ensure commercial success. Embracing a philosophy rooted in vast knowledge and expertise, we support each client, irrespective of size or scope, guaranteeing every assignment receives the same level of dedication, ownership, and cohesion for successful study outcomes.


Our consulting services encompass a range of offerings, including interaction guidance with the FDA, EMA, PMDA, and MHRA, in addition to insightful advice on CDISC integration, targeted training courses, strategic process improvement, and on-site statistical support.


From sample size calculations and randomization to clinical investigation plan development and study planning, we excel in crafting robust Statistical Analysis Plans (SAPs) and presenting study designs to regulatory agencies based on the drug’s characteristics.


Our expertise extends to final or interim analyses, blind data review meetings, inferential analyses, pharmacokinetics services, and the generation of summary tables, listings, and figures. We’re experts at CDISC standards and ensuring timely updates of legacy study data to these standards.


Compliance is at the forefront of our services, delivering ICH E3-compliant statistical reports and Clinical Study Reports (CSRs). Our support extends to publications arising from study results, crafting integrated summaries, and preparing regulatory dossiers for NDA/BLA/PMA submissions.


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